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      Hi Everyone!

      We know that there are a ton of websites out there that is offering nothing but the same stuff. We are wanting to change that idea and do something different when it comes to finding the right boutique outfit for your little boy or girl. We created Modist threads around the simple idea of finding the cutest outfit, giving the option to have it embroidered, in your hands quickly, and at an affordable price. We don’t outsource our embroidery so that you know that the order that you give won’t be going through a bunch of hands and possibly messed up. We do it right here and we take pride in checking your order multiple times in order to make sure that it is something we would put our children in.


      Now that you have an understanding behind our ethics of our business, let’s introduce ourselves! We are a husband and wife duo. We built this business with a passion to serve our customers and have an excuse to also dress up our kids real cute! We are a big family and very much family oriented and that is what we bring to our business. A sense of family can be found in our business and the passion to do what is right and make sure that we stand behind our word.